Balgera Wine Dinner Menu

On Sunday February 26th at 6 pm we will be hosting a delicious Wine Dinner. Pairing Balgera wines from Valtellina Italy with exquisite dishes. We will be joined by winemaker Matteo Balgera from Italy. Four courses paired with four delightful wines.
$85 a person. (Tax and gratuity not included.)
The Valtellina is made up of 40 Km of terraced vineyards. 2400 km of dry stone walls, running along the Rhaetian of the Central Alps. The center of this prestigious viticulture is Chiuro, home to the cellars of Balgera.  Since 1885 the wineries founder Peter Balgera, traded the wines of Valtellina in neighboring Switzerland. He was succeeded by Leo Balgera, which continued production and export. The son Gianfranco built new cellars evolving and improving production techniques, aging and bottling. Today Paolo Balgera the fourth generation is flanked by his sons Luca and Matteo.  They still operate together using traditional techniques and the  ”ancient know how to make wine“ while continuing to their improve their wine winemaking techniques and the modernization of the winery and cellars.

First Course

House Made Gnocchi Carbonara, Pecorino Cheese,
Fresh Arugula & Guanciale

Paired With: Valtellina Rosso 2005


Second Course

Smoked Rabbit Napoleon, Grilled Zucchini, Eggplant &
Mushroom Puree

Paired with: Valtellina Rosso 1999


Third Course

Roasted Cavendish Quail, Foie Gras Chestnut Stuffing,
Creamed Celery Root & Pomegranate Reduction

Paired With:Valtellina Superiore DOCG Grumello Riserva 2000


Fourth Course

Biscuit Tortoni, Frozen Light Cream, Amaretto cookie, Almonds & Brandy Soaked Cherries.

Paired With: Sforzato Tradizionale 1999