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Hermit Thrush Brewery Dinner

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We’ve loved getting to know the guys from Hermit Thrush, and have been featuring one of their beers on tap for the last few months. We’ve finally paired up to do a full-on dinner featuring some of the brews (now available in cans!) and hope you’ll be able to join us.

Beer Tasting dinner
featuring Hermit Thrush Brewery 

Monday, August 10th at 6pm
$50 per seat, excluding tax and gratuity

For starters, we’ll  meet on the deck (weather permitting) for:
Home-made Pretzels and a Selection of Local Cheeses
paired with Hoppy Smalls
a limited release saison-style ‘small beer’ (2.9%) highlighting hops all grown less than 20 miles away from the brewery 

Then move inside for the main menu:
Poutine with Wild Mushroom Beer Gravy
paired with Brooks Brown
a malty, yet light session ale
Cheddar Ale Soup, made with Brattlebeer
paired with Brattlebeer
a delicate pale ale that is fermented spontaneously with a blend of local apple cider, malt, and hops.

Home-made Bratwurst, Steamed with Beer
paired with Silly Friar
a Trappist inspired single Belgian ale

Beer Sorbet Float
paired with Party Guy
a beer inspired by the Parti-gyle style of brewing where the mash from a strong beer is used to make the wort for a lower-alcohol small beer.

(802)257-3333 or

reservations required!